February 26 - March 4
Iași, Romania

festival 2023

A contemporary classic affair


sunday, february 26, 19.30

Natura Viva

Monday, February 27, 19:00

Balkan Spirit

Tuesday, February 28, 19:00

Romantic Rendez-Vous

Wednesday, March 1, 19:00


Thursday, March 2, 19:00

Mystic Tales

Friday, March 3, 19:00

The Past Presents the Future

Saturday, March 4, 20:00

The Past Presents the Future

Classix in Focus

Classix Festival screening program:

Monday, February 14, 17:00 - special screening in the presence of guests: Dan Lungu (writer) and Andrei Popov (Deputy Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum)
Monday, February 14, 19.00
Tuesday, February 15, 19.00
Wednesday, February 16, 19.00
Thursday, February 17, 19.00
Friday, February 18, 19.00
Saturday, February 19, 19.00

Movie projection #newTogether

Documentary film produced by the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest

What it is now, we know; but what will we do next? During the lockdown period established after the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest invited 60 artists from Austria and Romania to reflect on their own artistic future, as well as on the way their art and communities can change during and after the end of the health crisis. The video interventions they sent were posted on the pages of FCA Bucharest and Radio Romania Cultural on social networks. Very quickly, they attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people from both countries.

Given this success, the FCA Bucharest team decided to entrust the well-known and appreciated Romanian theater and film director, Carmen Lidia Vidu, with the production of a large-scale documentary, starting from the video materials of the participating artists.

The documentary #newTogether is a true dictionary of pandemic ideas and states and, at the same time, a unique project in the local cinematographic landscape. It was pioneered and produced by a (foreign) cultural institute, an actor in cultural diplomacy, and not by a film production company.

Concept – Thomas Kloiber / Andrei Popov

Directed by Carmen-Lidia See

Editor / Animation / Sound – Cristina Baciu

A project supported by Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Duration – 54 ‘

Production Austria / Romania

Language – Romanian, English; Romanian subtitles

Exhibition „Eroinele” („The Heroines” )

The exhibition is a celebration of the courage, dedication and perseverance of all women who boldly defied the social norms of their times. It brings together portraits of prominent figures from the Czech Republic and Romania, who have had or continue to make important contributions to the development and social, cultural, scientific and economic progress. The aim is to convey their impressive stories, but also to pay tribute to those who fought for the world we know today – a world where freedom and equality are fundamental rights, recognized for all social classes.

The “heroines” are brought to Iasi with the support of the Czech Center and the House of Museums (National Museum of Romanian Literature Iasi), whom we thank for their support!

The participants in the opening agree to the use of photographic images and audio and video recordings in order to promote the activities of the festival. Public access is free

17 february - 16 march
10:00 - 17:00, from tuesday to sunday
Casa Muzeelor, The National Museum of Romanian Literature Iași

Lecture in Focus

Lecture: Always exceptional? On women composers in the 20th and 21st Century

ASTRID KVALBEIN – Principal of Norwegian Academy of Music, soprano, musicologist

The lecture is heartily welcoming to all the music students, from singers to instrumentalists, composers, musicologists and pedagogues. 

Still exceptional? 

During the 20th and 21st Century, women composers have claimed space and won many prestigious positions in the western musical world. However, they are still approached as exceptional, in the media, at festivals and concert programmes, in teaching and historical writing. 

Is it possible to imagine a future where women composers are no longer an exception to the rule(s)? Astrid Kvalbein will explore this question in her lecture, by way of historical and recent examples.

wednesday, 16 february
Simpozion, UNAGE

Panel in Focus

Panel: Feminism in Classical Music

ASTRID KVALBEIN  – Rector Norwegian Academy of Music, soprano, musicologist

VALENTINA SANDU-DEDIU – Professor, musicologist, pianist

CRISTIAN LUPEȘ- Conductor, Manager of Sibiu State Philharmonics 



DRAGOȘ CANTEA – Concert Pianist, Artistic Director

Musical interventions: 

ANNA LIPIAK – pianist


Performing aside – how much do we know about female figures in the classical music history / industry?

For centuries, women’s works have been silenced due to social / political context, and one of our missions today as artists is to bring light to some of the most impressive masterpieces that our audience has never encountered before.

Feminism is a hot trend of the twentieth century, and nowadays we’re relating to every field of society with the same issues. 

Women make history too. 

Tuesday 15 february
Studio hall, UNAGE


Asociația Industrii Creative (The Creative Industries Association), organizer of the Classix Festival, with the support of the main partner, Kaufland Romania, launches the Classix in Art 2023 program and scholarships for masterclasses intended for young musicians in Romania.

68 sessions for 8 different specializations will be given by 16 professional musicians from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, South Korea, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Israel, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Romania who will facilitate the improvement of pupils, students and graduates of at high schools and universities with a musical profile in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Participation in these sessions is free, on the basis of registration, within the limit of available places and based on the evaluation of the attached videos, carried out by a committee of specialists in the fields of application.

The sessions will be held in English, at Casa Balș (Str. Cuza Vodă no. 29, Iași) and at the National University of Arts “George Enescu” (Str. Costache Negruzzi 7-9, Iași).

The selected active participants will be provided with accommodation and money for daily expenses in Iași during the masterclasses, as well as the settlement of transport on the national territory.

Pupils and students enrolled in pre-university / state vocational university / private education in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and graduates of specialized institutions with the completion of their studies no earlier than the 2019-2020 academic year are eligible for selection as active participants.

Passive participation in masterclasses will be possible within the limits of available places.

Art project call calendar:

Registration launch: January 12, 2023

Registration deadline: February 4, 2023

Announcement of participants: February 6, 2023

Conducting masterclasses: February 27 – March 4, 2023


Applicants can apply for a course with several teachers of the same subject and benefit from courses with both, subject to available places.

In the event that a teacher has all the seats filled, he will choose his active participants to work with. In this case, we encourage applying to the courses of several tutors (where applicable) to increase the chances of selection to at least one course.

The selected active participants, if necessary, will manage on their own the need for the accompanist pianist.

Each individual session with the coordinating teacher will last 40 minutes.

The work recorded for the selection process can be of your choice, but not older than 2 years and no longer than 15 minutes.

Bjarne Magnus Jensen (Norway)



Anna Lipiak (Poland)



Grzegorz Niemczuk (Poland)



Stefan Diaconu (Romania)



Felicia Greciuc (Romania)



Håvard Gimse (Norway)



Constantin Barcov (Romania / Sweden)



Jonas Lyskjær Frølund (Denmark)



Niklas Kallsoy Mouritsen (The Faroe Islands)



Gustav Rivinius (Germany)





Andrei Irimia

Ansamblul „Alternances”

Bucharest Percussion Ensemble

VIOLIN, lead singer

Răzvan Laurențiu Păun


Thibault Solorzano


Hyeyoon Park


Cristian Andriș


Dragoș Cantea

Esbjerg Ensemble


Wen-Sinn Yang

Filarmonica „Moldova” Iași


Vlad Vizireanu

Natacha Kudritskaya

Lelia Serafinceanu

Florin Estefan

Tim Crawford

Ron Chen-Zion

Pau Codina Masferrer

Michel Camille

Joke Wijma

David Daniel Dinu

Antti Salovaara


Florent Mourier


Grace Jee Eun Oh


Maria Sławek

Martin Romberg


Piotr Sałajczyk


Susanna Wolff

Photo Gallery

Elegy of Hope

Fata Morgana

Fantaisie d'une Femme

Animal Instinct

Back to The Future

The Viking Rush

Friendship in Jazz

Animal Instinct



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Under the sign of the primordial instincts that guide both our senses and perceptions, we discover a series of concerts, ensembles, artists, and works that provoke and invite to reflection. The themes approached during the events emphasize feminism in classical music, authenticity, and viscerality, as well as the celebration of human feelings. Stepping into the world of Classix 2022, we will discover beauty in a feminine form – mystical, full of power, and ready to impress with details. The primordial instinct will lead us to the temporary abandonment of the music, embracing the power of rhythm.


Organized by Asociația Industrii Creative and Showberry, the third edition of Classix Festival took place between February 13th and 19th, 2022 in a hybrid format (physical and online), bringing together in Iasi over 60 international classical music personalities from 14 countries.

The festival program included 8 classical music concerts held in locations such as the Palace of Culture, the “Vasile Alecsandri” National Theater, the “Mihai Eminescu” Central University Library, as well as a series of related events: a vernissage, a film screening, debates, lectures, and masterclasses.