Bucharest Percussion Ensemble (România)


Bucharest Percussion Ensemble is a chamber ensemble made up of 6 young musicians who aim to promote percussion instruments and their repertoire.

Founded by Alexandru Stroe, it includes Mihai Mînzar, Iulia Bitta and Vlad Polgar, later joined by Alina Trifu and Vlad Macsimov.

They represent a turn of generations of students and graduates of the National University of Music in Bucharest, currently representing prestigious permanent ensembles such as the Bucharest Romanian National Opera.

With a broad vision of the future, the members aim for the development of the ensemble over time, through unconventional appearances and an innovative promotion of such a spectacular repertoire of percussion.

The ensemble’s activity was mainly based on the development of the Percussion for all project, through which the 6 musicians set out to bring their music to some of Bucharest’s educational institutions. 16 concerts were held in different spaces, and later the ensemble was invited to many other large-scale national educational projects dedicated to children, such as Choose School for Life!

The ensemble returns to Iași after a resounding success at the 2022 Mechanical Music Festival, with a program on the borderline between ritual and exotic.