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Asociația Industrii Creative (The Creative Industries Association), organizer of the Classix Festival, with the support of the main partner, Kaufland Romania, launches the Classix in Art 2023 program and scholarships for masterclasses intended for young musicians in Romania.

68 sessions for 8 different specializations will be given by 16 professional musicians from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, South Korea, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Israel, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Romania who will facilitate the improvement of pupils, students and graduates of at high schools and universities with a musical profile in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

The call schedule
Conditions of eligibility

Participation in these sessions is free, on the basis of registration, within the limit of available places and based on the evaluation of the attached videos, carried out by a committee of specialists in the fields of application.

The sessions will be held in English, at Casa Balș (Str. Cuza Vodă no. 29, Iași) and at the National University of Arts “George Enescu” (Str. Costache Negruzzi 7-9, Iași).

The selected active participants will be provided with accommodation and money for daily expenses in Iași during the masterclasses, as well as the settlement of transport on the national territory.

Pupils and students enrolled in pre-university / state vocational university / private education in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and graduates of specialized institutions with the completion of their studies no earlier than the 2019-2020 academic year are eligible for selection as active participants.

In the case of minors participating in masterclasses who live outside Iași, they must be accompanied by a legal representative or an adult. Travel expenses are settled only for the beneficiary.

Passive participation in masterclasses will be possible within the limits of available places.

Masterclasses program

14:00 – Tim Crawford (United Kingdom) | 5 active participants
              Violin / Esbjerg Ensemble & Valo Quartet

14:00 – Michel Camille (United Kingdom) | 5 active participants
              Viola / Esbjerg Ensemble

14:00 – Kerstin Thiele (Denmark) | 5 active participants
              Flute / Esbjerg Ensemble

14:00 – Joke Wijma (Lower Countries) | 5 active participants
              Horn / Esbjerg Ensemble

14:00 – Ron Chen-Zion (Israel) | 5 active participants
              Clarinet / Esbjerg Ensemble

14:00 – Antti Salovaara (Finland) | 5 active participants
              Bassoon / Esbjerg Ensemble

14:00 – Pau Codina Masferrer (Spain) | 5 active participants
              Cello / Esbjerg Ensemble

16:00 – Hyeyoon Park (Korea) | 4 active participants
              Violin / Soloist concertist

12:00 – Ștefan Diaconu (Romania / Denmark) | 5 active participants
              Flute / Wind quintet V Coloris

14:00 – Grace Jee Eun Oh (Korea / UK) | 5 active participants
             Piano / Concert pianist

10:00 – Wen-Sinn Yang (Switzerland / Germany) | 4 active participants
              Cello / Academy of Music and Theater in Munich

10:00 – Maria Slawek (Poland)  | 3 active participants
              Violin / Academy of Music in Krakow

10:00 – Cristian Andriș (Romania / Switzerland) | 4 active participants
              Viola / West University of Timişoara

10:00 – Piotr Sałajczyk (Poland) | 3 active participants
              Piano / Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice

10:00 – Radu Rățoi (Republic of Moldova) | 5 active participants Accordion / concert soloist

Masterclass registration

Applicants can apply for a course with several teachers of the same subject and benefit from courses with both, subject to available places.

In the event that a teacher has all the seats filled, he will choose his active participants to work with. In this case, we encourage applying to the courses of several tutors (where applicable) to increase the chances of selection to at least one course.

The selected active participants, if necessary, will manage on their own the need for the accompanist pianist.

Each individual session with the coordinating teacher will last 40 minutes.

The work recorded for the selection process can be of your choice, but not older than 2 years and no longer than 15 minutes.

Applications for Classix in Art Masterclasses are closed.

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