Balkan Spirit

February 27, 2023 - 19:00

Student’s Culture House, "Gaudeamus" hall
30 Vasile Conta street, Iași

Andrei Irimia – piano
Răzvan Păun – violin
Thibault Solorzano – cello

Alternances Ensemble of UNAGE Iași
Bucharest Percussion Ensemble
Aurelia Simion – piano
Petre Florentin Gîscă – conductor

Introspection supports the evolution of the self by giving free rein to an overflowing imagination. From the idyllic oasis of minimalist harmonies, we enter the wilderness of Balkan rhythms. We forget prejudices and venture into a ritual devoted to new discoveries.

Concert Programme

Andrei Irimia:

Selections from „Nuit Minimaliste” (2019) and „All Strings Attached” (2022)

Ivan Trevino:

Catching Shadows for marimba duo (2013)


ensemble (Alternances Ensemble):

David Mancini:

Suite for solo set and percussion ensemble (1988)


ensemble (Alternances Ensemble):

Nebojša Jovan Živković:

Trio per Uno - part one (1999)

Bucharest Percussion Ensemble:

Nebojša Jovan Živković:

Uneven Souls (1992)


ensemble (Bucharest Percussion Ensemble):

Emmanuel Séjourné:

Losa for vibraphone and marimba (2002)

Bucharest Percussion Ensemble:

Edgard Varèse:

Ionisation for 13 percussionists (1935)

Main partner
Institutional partner
Filarmonica de stat "Moldova"