14 - 18 March
Iași, România

festival 2021

A contemporary classic affair


Sunday, 14 March 2021, 19:30

Monday, 15 March 2021, 19:00

Tuesday, 16 March 2021, 19:00

Wednesday, 17 March 2021, 19:00

Thursday, 18 March 2021, 19:00

Classix in Focus

Classix-in-focus I: Antreprenoriat Cultural Nordic

Open-for-all panel together with Anna Ranczakowska, head of the Act-in-Art network of Nordic & Baltic Countries in Talinn and Eline Melgalvis, cultural advisor at Dextra Foundation of DNB Sparebankstiftelsen in Oslo.

Topics covered by the panel, followed by a Q&A session: Cultural entrepreneurship in the Nordic Countries – why is there a different approach? Art Universities in Europe – approach towards entrepreneurship; When do business and culture meet? The business education of musicians & the cultural education of businesspeople; Value chains and the educational quality of a music festival.


  • Anna Ranczakowska (Act-in-Art)
  • Eline Melgalvis (Dextra Musica a DNB Sparebankstiftelsen)

Moderator: Dragoș Cantea

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

13:00 – 15:00 


Classix-in-focus II: Steinway & Sons: Entrepreneurship, Tradition, Innovation

Open-for-all dialogue with Norwegian Gisle Daus, General Manager of Steinway Piano Gallery in Oslo, introducing the S&S brand and their tradition, innovation, market, and business strategies. An online tour through the gallery, followed by a Q&A session: What makes a Steinway piano so great? Piano building – costs, duration, maintenance, location, materials; What is the market of a piano store? What business approach does a dealer have? Innovation – where is the instrument heading and how did technology influence the industry?

Speaker: Gisle Daus (Steinway & Sons Norway)

Moderator: Dragoș Cantea


Book release: Year of Wonder. Classical music for every day

“We are a species bent on making music – we have always been and will continue to be – and the ability of music to explore, express, and probe what man and humanity itself remain one of the greatest collective gifts.” Clemency Burton-Hill

Vellant Publishing House, Cărturești Bookstores and Classix Festival had the pleasure of organizing the launch event of the book Year of Wonder by Clemency Burton-Hill.


Dragoș Cantea, concert pianist and artistic director of Classix

Simona Radu, co-founder of Vellant Publishing House

Cristina Stănciulescu, journalist

Berti Barbera, musician and publicist

Ana Maria Onisei, journalist and translator of the book

Moderator: Cătălin Sava, journalist


Monday, 15 march 2021,
Sala Studio, UNAGE


Asociația Industrii Creative, organizer of the Classix Festival, with the support of the main partner of the 2021 edition, Kaufland Romania, has launched the program of artistic creation scholarships in the fields: music, visual arts, and choreography.

Because the pandemic has played an important role in school dropouts lately, in reshaping many creative workers and practitioners, artists, it has created a deep state of financial instability, and aid measures have been (and still are) delayed. appears in the independent sector, the approach of this call for projects comes as a form of support and encouragement of artistic practice.

The creative scholarships awarded following the call were in the total amount of 3000 EUR, 1000 EUR for each field, and the winners received it in the form of a monthly stipend of 1500 lei, during three months.

The three areas covered by the 2021 call were: music, visual arts, and choreography. Young artists affected by the pandemic were able to register; freelancers, independent artists, students, people without a stable income, and residents in Romania.

The artists who wanted to participate in the call presented a letter of motivation, a portfolio of works relevant to their practice, as well as a proof of concept of the proposed project.

The theme of the 2021 session was “instinct”. At the end of the three months of creative residency, the selected artists presented a project relevant to their field of interest and their artistic practice. The projects focused on an impact on the community and a contribution to the revitalization of cultural life.

The works were promoted online on the festival pages.


Art project call calendar:

Call launch: March 29, 2021

Deadline: April 30, 2021

Scholarship announcement: May 7, 2021

Project presentation: August 15, 2021

Classix in Art 2021 winners

Ancuța Macovei, a scholarship holder in the Choreography category, managed to open the Attribute Company dance and art school. Here Ancuța offers classical dance and modern dance classes – contemporary and jazz for age groups starting from 4 years. The school is also a development environment for potential choreographer instructors who need a space to practice their knowledge and skills.

Emanuel Chiriac, a fellow in the Visual Arts category, consolidated, with the help of the scholarship, a part preceding the proposal to place a sculpture in the public space and invested in materials for two new works – “Gândul salvator” and “Dor de întreg”. The last work brought Emanuel the Grand Prize for artistic creation, a prize worth 2000 euros which becomes a new step in the realization of the submitted project.

Cristina Beteringhe, a fellow in the Music category, created the Intersecții project, a series of interviews with 9 Romanian musicians, where she captured the testimonies and musical fragments of the artists, which convey emotions or ideas related to their pandemic experience. Interviews can be followed on the blog dedicated to the project.



Dragoș Cantea


Filip Papa


Andrei Chirilă


Mihai Ailenei


Trio Artio


Cristine Roider


Johanna Estermann


Judith Fliedl


Kristina Vocetková


Milan Řehák


Rémi Jousselme


Alexander Krichel

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The second edition of Classix Festival illustrated a collective celebration of authentic human feelings and took place in a hybrid format (online and physical) after a long pandemic break from the cultural and concert life of music lovers. 11 artists from 6 countries took part in 5 concerts that had an audience of 537 spectators with physical participation and over 62,000 views from live video broadcasts. The related events consisted of 2 creative entrepreneurship panels and a book launch.