Daniel Dascălu

Concert: Primal Instinct

Pianist Daniel Dascălu performs an intense concert activity in the country and abroad: recitals on stages in Bucharest, Iași, Brașov, Cluj, Constanța, Sibiu; concerts with the orchestra of the Oltenia Philharmonic from Craiova, Mihail Jora from Bacău, the State Philharmonic from Botoșani as well as at the Romanian Athenaeum, within the traditional Keys Festival of UNMB; recitals in Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Brescia, Split, Dresden.

Passionate about chamber music, Daniel sang in chamber ensembles at the Romanian Athenaeum, at the Șuțu Palace in Bucharest, in Iași at the Classix Festival, as well as in Sweden – Aurora Music Festival and Greece – International Kalamata Music Days.

Daniel has won awards and distinctions at national and international competitions: Vigo International Piano Competition 2021 (Honor Mention), International Competition “Suzana Szörenyi” (second prize – 2016 and III – 2017), Special Prize of the Interpretive Creative Union of Romania (2017 ), Award of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Romania (2013), Award of the Hungarian Balassi Institute in Bucharest (2017). He is a semifinalist at the International piano & orchestra competition, Cantu, a final postponed to 2022.

Daniel is MDW’s Magister der Kunste, at the class of Professor Martin Hughes. He is a graduate of UNMB, class of prof. Univ. dr. Dana Borșan, under whose guidance, in 2021, Daniel obtained the title of Doctor of Music, summa cum laude.

Concerned with his interpretive mastery, Daniel worked with famous pianists such as K. Hellwig, P. Donohoe, H. Sigfridsson, A. Frölich and Stefan Mendl.

Since October 2021, he is a full-time lecturer at the National University of Music in Bucharest.