The Classix In Art artistic creation scholarship program was born in 2021, at the second edition of the Classix Festival, because the pandemic played an important role in dropping out of school, in the re-profiling of many workers and practitioners of the creative fields, artists, it created a deep state of financial instability and relief measures were slow to appear in the independent sector. The approaches of the Classix in Art call for projects came as a form of support and encouragement to artistic practice.


Asociația Industrii Creative (The Creative Industries Association), organizer of the Classix Festival, with the support of the main partner, Kaufland Romania, launches the Classix in Art 2023 program and scholarships for masterclasses intended for young musicians in Romania.

68 sessions for 8 different specializations will be given by 16 professional musicians from the United Kingdom of Great Britain, South Korea, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Israel, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Romania who will facilitate the improvement of pupils, students and graduates of at high schools and universities with a musical profile in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Participation in these sessions is free, on the basis of registration, within the limit of available places and based on the evaluation of the attached videos, carried out by a committee of specialists in the fields of application.

The sessions will be held in English, at Casa Balș (Str. Cuza Vodă no. 29, Iași) and at the National University of Arts “George Enescu” (Str. Costache Negruzzi 7-9, Iași).

The selected active participants will be provided with accommodation and money for daily expenses in Iași during the masterclasses, as well as the settlement of transport on the national territory.

Pupils and students enrolled in pre-university / state vocational university / private education in Romania and the Republic of Moldova and graduates of specialized institutions with the completion of their studies no earlier than the 2019-2020 academic year are eligible for selection as active participants.

Passive participation in masterclasses will be possible within the limits of available places.

Art project call calendar:

Registration launch: January 12, 2023

Registration deadline: February 4, 2023

Announcement of participants: February 6, 2023

Conducting masterclasses: February 27 – March 4, 2023

Winners of Classix in Art Scholarships 2022

She graduated from the Graphics Department (Bachelor+Master) at the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca in 2016 and worked as a graphic designer and photographer for a French brand in Paris.

During her studies she participated in various artistic and cultural projects. In 2014, following a “Film Poster is not dead” contest, her works were exhibited in the Cluj Napoca Art Museum and then in Prague – Cinema Svetozor, through collaboration with the Romanian and Czech Cultural Institute. In 2015, some of her works took part in the BA Contemporary Art Biennale in Vienna. The first individual exhibition “Mathematrix” in Paris was in 2017, and since then, her works have been exhibited in countries such as: Italy, Austria, Scotland, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe.

In 2021, she was selected to represent Romania at the Francophonie Games in Congo with the work “Peace Love Unity” from the Mathematrix concept.

Savin Mihai-Aureliu is a visual artist, a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts, majoring in Sculpture, at the “George Enescu” University of Arts Iași. His solo exhibitions include “Axis Mundi” (2021) and “In Theory” (2022). He received the “The Creative Five” scholarship in 2022, the “Artis” Youth Award 2019, the “Dan Hatmanu” UAP Iași Scholarship 2019, the “Artis” Annual Art Show 2018.

Andrei Petrache is a composer, pianist, arranger and producer. Mainly passionate about composition and interpretation, his creation extends both in the area of academic concert music (more than 60 works) and that for theater or film, covering vocal and instrumental genres, but also electronic music. Currently, he works as a jazz pianist in multiple Romanian projects and formations.

Florin Ștefan Lupu is a graduate of the Faculty of Interpretation, Composition and Theoretical Musical Studies of the “George Enescu” National University of Arts Iași, class of 2022. He has been studying classical guitar since the age of 13, during which time he obtained numerous awards and supported recitals both in the country and abroad. He took part in various professional projects and performed as an instrumentalist in theater plays, jazz, rock, folk, folk rock bands or chamber ensembles for classical music.

Alisia Nina is an independent artist who, in addition to her interpretative skills, chooses to focus her development on bodily expressiveness, dance and singing. She is a graduate of the undergraduate studies in Performing Arts of the “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu, Department of Theater Arts, and of the master’s studies in the Art of Dramatic Character Interpretation from the same university. She collaborated as an actress, dancer, assistant director and performer in numerous plays, shows, projects, series, short films, commercials and feature films.

Laura Pop is currently a PhD student at the National University of Theater and Cinematography “I.L. Caragiale” from Bucharest. He graduated from the Masters in Film Animation and the Bachelor in Scenography at the same institution. He received the Fulbright Scholarship at Arizona State University and the Erasmus+ Scholarship at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She is the founder, director and animator at Laura Pop Animation Studio.

Emanuel Chiriac is a young artist from Iasi, a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts of the National University of Arts “George Enescu” Iasi. He has applied for PhD enrollment in the September 2023 session. His professional experience includes the restoration of murals, wood and stone of churches in Romania, and his personal exhibitions include residencies and personal fine art exhibitions at Galeria Madrigal (Bucharest), Galeria de art “Beciul lui Drossu” (Iasi), L’amphitheatro (Bucharest) and others.


Applicants can apply for a course with several teachers of the same subject and benefit from courses with both, subject to available places.

In the event that a teacher has all the seats filled, he will choose his active participants to work with. In this case, we encourage applying to the courses of several tutors (where applicable) to increase the chances of selection to at least one course.

The selected active participants, if necessary, will manage on their own the need for the accompanist pianist.

Each individual session with the coordinating teacher will last 40 minutes.

The work recorded for the selection process can be of your choice, but not older than 2 years and no longer than 15 minutes.

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