From Donor at the Regional Blood Transfusion Center, to Spectator at Classix Festival!

Iași, 19 ianuarie 2022 – Donors have music pumping through their hearts at Classix Festival 2023!

The Classix Festival organisers are launching a new campaign which encourages the local community to donate blood at the Regional Blood Transfusion Center in Iași.

Typically, January comes with a severe lack of donors, and Centers are running low on blood supplies during this period in which accidents are fairly common. With the aim to raise awareness about this topic and encourage the local community to take action, the Classix Festival organisers launch the „From donor to spectator” campaign, by offering an invitation to the Innuendo concert that takes place on the 1st of March, to the first 30 donors that send us a proof of their visit to the Regional Center for Blood Transfusion in Iași during the timeframe in which the campaign takes place, in an email at

The campaign takes place from January 20 till January 30 2023, and the eligibility conditions for anyone interested in donating blood are available on the official website of the Center. This movement has also taken shape in part because of statistics that put Romania at the bottom of the list when it comes to blood donations, with less than 1.8% of the eligible population donating on an annual basis.

The first 30 people that donate in the above mentioned period and send us proof over email (no later than February 4th) get an invitation to the Innuendo concert, which takes place on the 1st of March.

In the same spirit of working for the causes in which you believe, and that resonate with you, organisers have also launched a call for volunteers that can join the Classix Festival. They can apply online until February the 4th.

The fourth edition of Classix Festival will take place between February 26th and March 4th, bringing together in Iași over 90 international figures of classical music, from 18 countries in 8 concerts, 68 masterclasses and many other connected events. The concerts will be live streamed on the facebook page of the festival and on the facebook pages of the partners. Tickets can be purchased online from here.